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Perpetual Calendar – The Inexpensive Printed Version

Perpetual Birthday Calendar – The Easy to Use Inexpensive Printed Version to Remember Birthdays & Important Dates

The name Perpetual Calendar has become frequently used to describe several different types of re-useable items, all with their own individual purpose, value and function.

Some of the more popular types and their uses are:

  • The easy to use, and quite inexpensive printed version costing about $15, is used to help remember approaching important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and  special events. They are not like yearly calendars that have to be replaced each year after December is finished. Instead when December comes around the calendar’s pages are turned around to January to start the next year with all the important dates pre-recorded. They can be hung in easily accessible places for common use by all family members.
  • The Perpetual Desk Calendar is quite often a vintage form of manually operated desk ornament. They can be made in metal or timber and all have a common requirement to manually change the day, date and month window by turning pre-printed internal paper rolls or physically swapping a daily display panel.
  • Perpetual wrist watches are also known as perpetual calendars as they have an automatic function that shows the calendar day, and sometimes the month, as well as the time.

Do you have trouble remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other special events?

Perpetual Birthday Calendars have been designed to solve that problem.

How do they work?
Unlike yearly calendars, the perpetual birthday calendar is not for a specific year. Just use the perpetual calendar to note the birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates on the date they occur, and then reuse the same calendar every year. At the end of the calendar year, turn the pages to January and the calendar can be re-used again and perpetually for years to come. All the twelve months have been pre-recorded from the previous twelve months.

 What are their benefits?

  • Family and friends will be astonished when their birthdays and other important events are remembered.
  • The perpetual calendar will keep track of special dates and events that occur any where in the world.
  • They can be a wonderful and permanent gift for family and friends, thus helping them to remember dates and events that are important to them.
  • The important dates just need to be filled in once and there they stay, year after year.
  • Some perpetual calendars feature two months per page to allow for easy forward planning.
  • Durability is ensured when they are printed on heavy paper stock, with a spiral binding and hanging hook.
  • Birthdays of really important family members, like grandchildren and great grandchildren, are not forgotten.

Perpetual calendars’ useful benefits are gradually being recognized and they are now finding their way around the world as birthday calendars, everlasting calendars, never ending calendars and forget-me-not calendars. They are being used to remember all sorts of special dates and events like wedding anniversaries, starting that new job, buying a new house, business follow ups, years of association with colleagues and business associates and birthdays.

They have appeal to everyone and can easily find a useful place in both the home and business, where important dates can be found by all family members or business colleagues.

My name is Maureen Short of The Short Collection. As we journey through life our circle of family, friends and business colleagues keeps on changing. School friends are added too with university, sporting clubs, partners, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles, parenthood, grand parenthood and increasingly great grand parenthood.  Likewise the number of special dates and events we have to remember like birthdays, anniversaries and reunions keep on increasing. The Short Collection Perpetual Birthday Calendars will keep all precious dates permanently so they are not overlooked. Take a look at our inexpensive printed Birthday Calendars that are designed to view important approaching dates at a quick glance. They feature images of Australian Native Birds or Australian Flowers. Find out about their many features, like being a great gift to send to family and friends or a simple and effective thank you gift for customers and/or staff at: The most important action is to remember to make contact on the appropriate date, rather than afterwards. This can be by phone, email or by posting a traditional greeting card. The Short Collection has an extensive range of handmade greeting cards that have been used by thousands of people to say something special. They feature photo images of Australian flora, fauna, animals, beaches and Sydney's Opera House. You can view a complete range of The Short Collection greeting cards at: All of The Short Collection products are proudly 100% produced, made and printed in Australia.

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