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Pale-Headed Rosella
The male Pale-Headed Rosella has a white head with tinges of yellow; check-patches violet-blue below, white above; feathers of back and wings black margined with dusky yellow; rump dusky yellow; upper breast yellow tinged with blue; lower breast and abdomen blue; vent and under tail-coverts red; median wing-coverts black; under wing-coverts and outer webs of flight feathers blue; central tail feathers green strongly washed with blue, lateral feathers pale blue tipped with white; bill horn-coloured; iris dark brown; legs grey. The Pale-Headed Rosella is widely distributed from northern Queensland, south of Cairns and the Mitchell River, to northern New South Wales. The Pale-Headed Rosella is a lowland bird inhabiting most types of timbered country including clearings in heavy forest or the forest itself where it adjoins open grassland. It is abundant through-out most of its range, and like the Eastern Rosella, has benefited from the clearing of farmlands and the cultivation of cereal crops. When feeding on the ground the Pale-Headed Rosella blends extremely well with the grass coverage. The flight resembles that of the Eastern Rosella. The call of the Pale-Headed Rosella is similar to that of the Eastern Rosella. 

The nesting behavior of the Pale-Headed Rosella resembles that of the Green Rosella.

Text and information with permission from Joseph M. Forshaw author of Parrots of the World.


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