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Handmade Greeting Cards
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Australian handmade greeting cards, using photo images of Australia’s native flowers, native birds, landmarks, animals, seascapes, landmarks, the blue mountains, Sydney, the Sydney Opera House, Sydney beaches and St. Ignatius College - Riverview.

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For many years people have sent post cards home when travelling, more and more people are using greeting cards with selected photos on them. Inside they can share their experiences when travelling across the world. The difference between a post card and greeting card is everyone can read the message on a post card, whereas a greeting card is carried inside an envelope keeping the message intact until you open it.

It is truly amazing how many different types of greeting card there are around, finding quality greeting cards is a bit of an art these days, when you do find a handmade greeting card you will be amazed how good they can be. 

Another great use for greeting cards is as an invitation, some companies will even print the special wording in the card for you, sending a quality handmade greeting card with your special invitation in it will make the person receiving it feel very honoured.

So if you are looking for a way to say something very special to a friend or family member or just want to invite someone to your special day then handmade greeting cards are a great way to do this.


“Hello Maureen & Lew,
I wanted to let you know that I have received the beautiful cards and the added gifts as well. Thank you so much for the nine extra
cards and the perpetual birthday calendar. You were very generous with the free gifts and it's very much appreciated.

The cards are lovely. I am an American married to an Aussie and living in Australia for eight and a half years now. I have friends and family in American, of course. I love sending them cards that are 'Aussie themed' and they love receiving them as well. So, I was very happy to have found your website.

Just prior to finding your website, I ordered cards from ????????? website. I got a receipt for the three boxes of cards that I ordered and nothing since. 

I tell you the above because I ordered the cards from you on the same day and I have them already. Your communication is excellent and the prompt delivery commendable. In my opinion, it shouldn't take over three working days to fill and order for three boxed sets of cards. Essentially that is only three items they need to pick, pack and send. You have put them to shame.  

Thank you for doing an excellent job!
Linda from Sydney”
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