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Eastern Rosella
Crimson Rosella Eastern Rosella
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The male Eastern Rosella has a red head and breast; white cheek-patches; lower breast yellow merging into pale green on abdomen; vent and under tail-coverts red; feathers of back and wings black margined with greenish-yellow; median wing-coverts black; rump pale green; under wing-coverts and outer webs of flight feathers blue; central tail feathers green washed with blue, lateral feathers pale blue tipped with white; wing-stripe absent; bill grayish-white; iris dark brown; legs grey. The Eastern Rosella occurs in south-eastern Australia, including Tasmania; introduced to New Zealand.  The Eastern Rosella inhabits lightly timbered country up to about 1,250 metres and is a familiar bird in gardens and parklands on the outskirts of towns and cities.  The undulating flight of the Eastern Rosella is comparatively swift. The inverted arc path is usually followed, but on long flights, particularly over open grassland, the Eastern Rosella flies at a considerable height and does not drop to the ground. The call of the Eastern Rosella is a loud “kwink…kwink…kwink” on an ascending scale or a metallic piping note repeated twice; when alarmed a shrill screech. The courtship display of the Eastern Rosella is similar to that of the Green Rosella. 

Text and information with permission from Joseph M. Forshaw author of Parrots of the World.


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