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Crimson Rosella
Crimson Rosella Eastern Rosella
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The adult Crimson Rosella has a general rich crimson plumage; cheek patches violet blue; feathers of nape, back and wings black broadly margined with crimson; medium wing-coverts black; under wing-coverts, bend of wing and outer webs of fight feathers blue; central tail feathers blue slightly washed with green, lateral feathers pale blue tipped with white; wing-stripe absent; bill grayish-white; iris dark brown; legs grey. The Crimson Rosella occurs in eastern and south-eastern Australia, and introduced to Norfolk Island and New Zealand. In eastern Australia the Crimson Rosella is a bird of the coastal and adjacent mountainous forests from sea level to the alpine woodlands above 1,900 metres. The Crimson Rosella is plentiful, even occurring in numbers in the outer suburbs of large towns and cities, and spends most of the day feeding in the treetops or on the ground. The flight is more undulating and noticeably slower than that of the Green Rosella. The Crimson Rosella normally flies close to the ground and glides upward into a tree. The tail is fanned when alighting. The diet of the Crimson Rosella is seeds, fruits, blossoms, and insects and their larvae.  The call of the Crimson Rosella is a low pitched “kweek…kweek…kweek”, with the middle note on a lower scale. When alarmed the Crimson Rosella has a series of shrill, metallic screeches. A soft chattering generally accompanies feeding. 

The courtship display and general nesting behaviour of the Crimson Rosella closely resembles those of the Green Rosella.

Text and information with permission from Joseph M. Forshaw author of Parrots of the World.


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