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Adelaide Rosella
The adult Adelaide Rosella has a red forehead and crown; nape and sides of head are dull orange-yellow; cheek-patches are violet blue; feathers of mantle, back and wings are black broadly margined with olive-yellow and red; rump is olive-yellow with variable red markings; median wing-coverts are black; under-parts orange-yellow variably marked with red; under wing-coverts and outer webs of fight feathers are blue; central tail feathers are blue strongly washed with green, lateral feathers pale blue tipped with white; bill grayish white; iris dark brown; legs grey. The Adelaide Rosella occurs in southern South Australia from the southern Flinders Ranges to the Fleurieu Peninsula south of Adelaide, and is abundant within its restricted range. They inhabit all types of timbered country and are often seen in suburban gardens and parklands in Adelaide. The fight of the Adelaide Rosella is similar to that of the Crimson Rosella. All call-notes of the Adelaide Rosella are similar to those of the Crimson Rosella. 

The breeding season of the Adelaide Rosella extends from September through to December. Nesting behavior, including courtship display, closely resembles that of the Green Rosella.

Text and information with permission from Joseph M. Forshaw author of Parrots of the World.


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