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Conference Invitations
Conference invitations created to your specifications using your business logo and photo images of Australia's unique locations, flora and fauna

Personalised Invitations

There are endless choices to custom design handmade conference invitations and rewards invitations.
Personalise invitations to conferences, awards, functions, seminars and special events
Please contact us to talk about any special requirements for your unique invitations by any of the following:

·                          Phone: Within New South Wales  - 9416 7058
                                      : All Other States                 - 02 9416 7058 
                                      : Outside Australia               - 61 2 9416 7058 

·                          Mail:   PO Box 568, Lindfield, NSW, Australia, 2070
·                          For us to contact you: Please go to the Contact Us page and complete the enquiries box with your name, email address and enter a short message.
·                          Include your phone number if you would like us to contact you by phone.
·                          Select the SUBMIT tab for us to contact you

Make your invitation stand out with quality and unique Australian handmade customized cards.
You have endless choices to pick from.
Australian handmade greeting cards have become a popular alternative to the mass produced and imported greeting cards. Many of us prefer Australian products for those special occasions and events in our lives. The Short Collection range of all Australian handmade photo cards, with their great Australian images, has become much sought out.
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