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Australian Seascapes Greeting Cards
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a. Cable Beach, Broomea. Cable Beach, BroomeSunset - Cable Beach, Broome. It is renowned as one of the most stunning beaches in the world, with 22 kilometers of pristine white sands fringing the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. It is an ideal place to watch the sunset as shown in this photograph. Tides, that can reach over 9 meters, wash the beach clean every day.
b. Stairway to Moonb. Stairway to MoonStairway to Moon. A full moon reflection on a calm sea at Mona Vale beach, Sydney.
c. Roebuck Bay, Broomec. Roebuck Bay, BroomeSeascape- Roebuck Bay, Broome. Named in 1840 after the explorer William Dampier's vessel. It surrounds the Kimberley town of Broome, and its scenic beauty and influence on the town's microclimate are the very reason the site was chosen for the township. Colours change in the ebb and flow of super tides from milky turquoise waters to mud flats. It is also a large bird migration area.
d. Stockton Seascaped. Stockton  SeascapeSeascape. Stormy ocean waters of Stockton Beach, New South Wales. South from Anna Bay lies the vast sandy expanse of Stockton Beach. A journey down this thirty-two kilometre beach is an adventure full of beauty and discovery. The wind-blown sand dunes of Stockton Beach comprise the largest continuous mobile sand mass in New South Wales.
e. Stockton Seascape - Nighe. Stockton Seascape - NighSeascape. Sunset view of stormy waters of Stockton Beach, New South Wales, where sightings are common of migrating whales up the eastern seaboard. The wind-driven sand dunes move about four metres a year despite the stabilizing effects of plants such as spinifex, pigface and bitou bush. The lee side of a dune is steep and loosely packed, making a perfect surface for sliding down on a sheet of cardboard.
f. Cape Yorkf. Cape YorkSeascape - Cape York. Seascape scene of Cape York, called "the Tip". Cape York Peninsula, the Gulf Savannah and the Torres Strait Islands of Australia, are wilderness frontier regions waiting to be discovered by today’s adventure travelers, 4WD enthusiasts and people who love fishing, camping, boating, bird watching or just relaxing in the great Aussie outback.
g. Horizental Waterfalls, Western Australiag. Horizental Waterfalls, Western AustraliaHorizental Waterfalls, Western australia - Located deep within Talbot Bay in the Buccaneer Archipelago, near Broome, are the Horizontal Waterfalls. Massive tidal movements create a waterfall effect as water banks up against one side of the narrow cliff passage, to be repeated again on the turning tide.
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