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Australian Animals Greeting Cards
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a. Happy Daysa. Happy DaysThe Shar Pei, or Chinese Shar-Pei dog is known for its distinctive features of deep wrinkles and a blue-black tongue. The breed comes from China. Its appearance. Small, triangular ears, a muzzle shaped like that of a hippopotamus, and a high-set tail also give the Shar Pei a unique look. The origin of the Chinese Shar-Pei can be traced to the province of Guangdong and has existed for centuries in the southern provinces of China.
b. Kangaroo Flyingb.  Kangaroo FlyingKangaroo Flying. One of the 48 species of kangaroos, wallabies and their relatives. Favours forest and woodlands habitat. Kangaroos are marsupials and the only large mammal that can hop. They live in groups called mobs and being herbivores they eat only grasses, leaves and the shoots of small trees.
c. Native Platypusc.  Native PlatypusPlatypus. A unique egg-laying aquatic mammal with a sensitive duck-bill used to find invertebrates in stream beds. It lives in burrows just above water level and may be seen in streams at dusk.
d. Wombats - Double Troubled.  Wombats - Double TroubleWombats - Double Trouble. A large marsupial closely related to the Koala. Burrowing and commonly found in South Eastern Australia, including the Snowy Alpine areas. They are prone to "road kill" during nightly excursions to find food. They live in burrows, which are often built on the sides of gullies, can be up to 30 metres long and several metres deep. They will share burrows but are possessive with their feeding grounds.
e. Red-necked Wallabye. Red-necked WallabyRed-necked Wallaby - This red-necked wallaby was photographed near Tamworth. They are common over most of the forested areas of the south-eastern mainland and Tasmania. By day it sleeps in dense vegetation, feeding after dusk on grasses and herbs. This large wallaby has grey to red-dish upper parts and is pale below.
f. Hello Possumf. Hello PossumHello Possum. This possum, known as “Barney” was found and rescued by Maureen Short from its dead mothers pouch after being the victim of “Road Kill” when only finger size. Lovingly cared for by Maureen until it was big and strong enough to be released into a controlled natural environment to live an adult life in the wild.
g. Australian Red Kangaroog. Australian Red KangarooAustralian Red Kangaroo. A desert dweller standing 2 meters tall can weigh up to 85 kilograms and reach speeds of 65 kilometers per hour in short bursts. They have very good hearing, eyesight and sense of smell. They keep cool by resting in the middle of the day, panting like a dog, lying in holes they dig under trees and having spit baths by licking their arms.
h. Australian Echidnash. Australian EchidnasAustralian Echidnas. An egg-laying mammal covered in spines with a tubular snout accommodating a long mobile tongue for lapping up ants and termites. The single egg is incubated for about 10 days in the mother’s abdominal pouch, and then suckles for 3 months, taking about 12 months to attain adulthood. Affectionately known as the Spiny Anteater it is a primitive mammal that lives in both Australia and New Guinea.
i. Koalai. KoalaKoala. Its name comes from an ancient Aboriginal word meaning "no drink" because it receives over 90% of its hydration from the Eucalyptus (Gum Tree) leaves it eats. Its one of only 3 mammals which can survive on a diet of eucalyptus leaves. Koalas today are found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Koalas live in societies, just like humans.
j. Baby Ring Tail Possumj. Baby Ring Tail PossumBaby Ring Tail Possum. Very small grey marsupial with white patches behind its eyes and under its ears, and white tipped tail prehensile. They eat flowers, eucalyptus leaves, fruits and buds. Almost exclusively tree-dwelling, in forests, woodlands, rainforests, dense scrub and suburban gardens. They nest in spherical nests in tree hollows, undergrowth or tree forks. Mainly leaf-eaters but may eat flowers and fruits.
k. White Catk. White Cat
l. La Catl.  La Cat
m. Green Tree Frogs - Togetherm. Green Tree Frogs - TogetherGreen Tree Frogs - Together. Lives in tropical rainforests or moist swampy areas. They have moist glandular skins through which oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged. The skin surface of the Green Tree Frog is smooth with large glands on the back of its head. The glands, if you look closely, are pitted with tiny pores. The fingers and toes have large discs and are webbed.
n. Green Tree Frog - Being Greenn. Green Tree Frog - Being GreenGreen Tree Frog - Being Green. Also known as the Common Tree Frog, Dunny Frog, Northern Green Tree Frog, and White's Tree Frog. When not found in toilets, the Green Tree Frog may be observed on rocks and trees and on the ground near water. It has been found in pot plants at station homesteads as well as structures such as letterboxes and toilet bowls. When breeding their eggs are layered in clumps of between 200 and 2000.
p. Humpback Whale Breachingp. Humpback Whale BreachingHumpback Whale Breaching in Hervey Bay, Queensland. Humpback Whales are characterised by the possession of baleen plates for sieving the krill upon which they feed. Humpback Whales are regular visitors to the coastal waters off southern Queensland. Each year, during winter, humpback whales migrate from Antarctic waters; pass through South Island New Zealand , to the warm waters of the tropics for calving. Many humpback whales arrive in Hervey Bay from late July and remain until November when the
q. Dolphins - O What a Feelingq. Dolphins - O What a FeelingDolphins - O What a Feeling. Dolphins have a universal appeal, symbolizing freedom, joy, grace and serenity, uplifting the spirits of many people all around the world. A dorsal finned streamlined mammal they must surface to blow and breath. These small toothed whales live on fish and squid, and can reach speeds of 40 kilometers per hour. Warm blooded and milk producing they use sonar ultra sound.
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