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Australian Birds Greeting Cards
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r. Brahminy Kiter. Brahminy KiteBrahminy Kite. A medium sized, broad winged hawk with a white head and breast, the remainder is maroon brown. Usually found near the ocean ranging from India to the northern and eastern coast of Australia.
t. Pacific Black Duckt. Pacific Black DuckPacific Black Duck. The general colour is brown. The feathers have a light brown edge, with brown under parts, white throat, glossy green under wing, a white face with a light yellow line through the eye and a shorter one below.
ta. Barn Owlta. Barn OwlBarn Owl.A large, cosmopolitan, very pale owl. The facial disc is characteristically heart shaped white, surrounding large black eyes. The body upperparts are sandy, beautifully and delicately mottled with pale greys, buffs and browns. Relatively long winged when hunting; often “quarters” the ground, gliding and rocking from side to side. It has a thin but penetrating scream, and favours open forests & woodlands.
u. Red Tailed Black Cockatoou. Red Tailed Black CockatooRed-tailed Cockatoo. A large, black cockatoo with a broad red tail band and a rather long recumbent crest. The bill is grey black, the legs grayish brown and a dark brown iris. It is widely distributed in northern, eastern and western Australia.
w. Australian King Parrotw. Australian King ParrotAustralian King Parrot. A large distinctive, broad-tailed parrot with striking sexual dimorphism. The male has plain scarlet head and body, the female is predominantly green with scarlet belly and under tail coverts. Its flight is strong but erratic with its long heavy tail prominent. With a metallic “chack chack” voice it lives in forests and woodlands of most sorts, especially if damp, and surrounding plantations.
y. Australian Rainbow Bee-eatery. Australian Rainbow Bee-eaterAustralian Rainbow Bee-eater - Bee-eaters are always brightly coloured and appropriately known as the “rainbow bird”. They are gregarious and very lively. The bill is long and slender for taking insects in flight and the feet are small. Its mainly green, with a golden crown, a black stripe through the eye, bright blue cheeks, and black and gold throat.
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