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Australian Birds Greeting Cards
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a. Sulphur Crested Cockatooa. Sulphur Crested CockatooSulphur Crested Cockatoo. Hello Cocky. A predominantly white cockatoo with a forward- curving, yellow crest and yellow on the under-wings and underside of the tail. They have a harsh, raucous screech terminating with a slight upward inflection and a variety of guttural screeches and shrill squawks. A common, familiar bird found in most types of timbered country and in riverside vegetation. They feed on seeds & fruits.
b. Gang-Gang Cockatoob. Gang-Gang CockatooGang-Gang Cockatoo. A small owl-like grey cockatoo with a forward-curving, filamentary crest. Quite and inconspicuous, usually arboreal, if disturbed it swoops low and up into the next tree. Flight is distinctly owl-like, with a large head, short square tail and moderately long broad wings. With a distinctive rising creaking growl, like a rusty hinge it lives in forests and woodlands of most sorts.
c. Australian Rainbow Lorikeetsc. Australian Rainbow LorikeetsAustralian Rainbow Lorikeets.A noisy, conspicuous bird, usually in flocks, frequenting flowering trees, shrubs and domestic gardens. With a shrill screech and sharp chattering while feeding it lives wherever blossoms are available and primarily in the coastal lowlands of northern and eastern Australia, the Kimberleys to Cape York Peninsula, Tasmania and Eyre Peninsula. They are generally observed in pairs or in flocks.
d. Kookaburrad.  KookaburraThe Laughing Kookaburra at 45cm is the largest of Australian kingfishers and the best known with a famous raucous accelerating, rollicking laugh, one of the best known sounds of the Australian countryside. The call is begun by one bird, others joining in until the full laugh is taken up by all. It has a massive bill, black above and horn-coloured below.
e. Australian Red-crowned Pigeone. Australian Red-crowned PigeonAustralian Red-crowned Pigeon - A bright green pigeon with bright orange and pink on the abdomen. The breast is grey green, the crown deep pink and a yellowish white chin. Its voice is a series of eight to sixteen loud resonant “coos” starting slowly and deliberately and gradually becoming shorter and closer together. It lives in rainforests, wet forests, mangroves and open forest.
f. Australian Crimson Rosellaf. Australian Crimson RosellaAustralian Crimson Rosella.A large broad-tailed parrot, conspicuous and familiar in east and southeast Australia. Adults are predominantly deep crimson, heavily mottled black on the back, with blue throat/cheek patches, blue shoulder to the wing and blue-green tail. Often seen in groups its flight is fast and swooping. Often with slow motion wing beats. It lives in domestic gardens to farmlands to forests and watercourses.
g. Australian Magpieg. Australian MagpieAustralian Magpie.“Just a Drop” catches a magpie drinking from a domestic water tap. The magpie, with variable pied plumage is familiar throughout Australia. All have a black throat and breast, with white under tail coverts and white under side to black outlined, black tipped tail, conspicuous in flight. Its voice is a familiar and renowned rich fluting yodel, subsong with mimicry.
h. Blue Wrenh. Blue WrenBlue Wren. The Superb Fairy-wren is tiny at only 14cm, mostly tail. The breeding male has pale blue crown, ear coverts and mantle, bordered by black eye stripe, nape and rump. The throat and breast are iridescent dark blue-black. It has a loud accelerating trill and sharp contact call and lives in almost any dense low cover from salt marsh to domestic gardens.
i. The Great Escapei. The Great EscapeThe Great Escape. A lizard about to escape the ever hungry magpie. Australian Magpie is a common and well known urban and rural bird. It gives wonderful group concerts on cold mornings. It may become more aggressive when nesting, sometimes ‘diving’ at children on their way to school.
j. Peace Dovej. Peace DoveDove Peace. This peace dove is a photograph of a stained glass chapel window.
k. Native Willie Wagtailk. Native Willie WagtailWillie Wagtail. A fearless “Fantail” with white eyebrow. Chatters when alarmed and has a pretty song, often heard at night. Grows to 20cm
l. Native Butcherbirdl. Native ButcherbirdBUTCHERBIRD. A medium sized relative of the Magpie. Widespread and has a melodious voice, considered amongst the best in the bush. It wedges prey on branches before eating it. Grows to 30cm.
la. Nankeen Kestrella. Nankeen KestrelNankeen Kestrel. A small, long winged, long tailed falcon with white underpants and rufous brown above, it is often observed hovering. It ranges in Australia, Tasmania and irrupting into New Guinea.
m. New Holland Honeyeaterm. New Holland Honeyeater
n. Australian Red-winged Parrotn. Australian Red-winged ParrotAustralian Red-winged Parrot - A medium large parrot of 32cm. The strikingly coloured male has bright green head and under parts, with black back, purple and yellow rump, and a longish green tail with a yellow tip. The wings are greenish with a distinctive large scarlet shoulder patch. They are very wary and have a distinctive erratic and laboured flight. They are common inhabitants of open Eucalyptus forest & timber.
na. Australian Musk Lorikeetna. Australian Musk LorikeetAustralian Musk Lorikeet - At 22cm it’s a medium-small, predominantly bright green, lighter and more yellowish on underpants, sturdily built lorikeet. The back and tail are rich green, the under parts bright green and yellow on the sides of the breast. It’s a gregarious bird, often associating with other birds. In flight it shows its comparatively stumpy wedge-shaped tail.
na. Pelicanna. PelicanPelican – At 95cm its an enormous, distinctive seabird. With long bills and huge throat pouches, a long neck and short legs. Sustained flight consists of a few flaps followed by a long glide. It frequently soars to great heights. It feeds by reaching down from the water surface with the hooked bill and expanded pouch.
o. Galahs Togethero. Galahs TogetherGalahs Together - Galahs – This fascinating parrot is often misunderstood and under-estimated. It is intelligent and a loving social animal that mates for life. They are now so common that we forget just how beautiful they are. The galah is one of the natural clowns of the bird world. Both males and females are bright pink all over except for a grey back, wings and tail, and a paler cap.
p. Australian Rainbow Lorikeetsp. Australian Rainbow LorikeetsAustralian Rainbow Lorikeet. The only lorikeet with a blue head. Its under-parts and tail are bright green, its collar pale green with an orange-red breast. In flight its fast flying with rapid shallow wing-beats. Generally fairly common it lives in rainforests, eucalypt forests, woodlands, scrubs and city gardens and parklands. Its call in flight is a sharp, rolling screech, repeated at regular intervals;
q. Australian Eastern Rosellaq. Australian Eastern RosellaAustralian Eastern Rosella. A medium sized, distinctively coloured, broad tailed parrot. It has a crimson head and upper breast, white throat and cheeks, and bright greenish yellow under parts. Often in groups its flight is deeply undulating. It has a high pitched “pink pink” voice in flight, with a slow mellow piping “pee-peeee” elsewhere.
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