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Australian Flowers Greeting Cards
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u. Australian Native Bottlebrushu.  Australian Native BottlebrushAustralian Native Bottlebrush. Varying in size from 1.5 metres to small trees grow under a wide range of conditions. They make a brilliant floral display in spring, summer and autumn. A sunny position gives the best flowering results
x. Native Red Lilyx. Native Red LilyThe Red Lily has huge spotless ruby red flowers whose strength and endurance are equaled only by its hardiness and persistence. . It has similar properties to that of Sundew for feeling scattered, not whole, and vague and split.
y. Native Mountain Devily.  Native Mountain DevilMountain Devil. The native mountain devil is one of the Lambertia, a stiff erect shrub with sharply pointed leaves. They are slow in growth, and from seed take some years to flower. The flowers of yellow, orange and red are tubular and grow in clusters.
ya. Lilac Timeya. Lilac TimeLilac varieties offer larger flowers and more variety in color and scent, as well as flower and shrub form. Fragrance too is variable. French hybrids are sweetly scented, while oriental varieties and their hybrids have spicy overtones. Single flowering lilacs tend to be more strongly scented than doubles.
yb. Native Mulla Mullayb. Native Mulla MullaMulla Mulla. These plants are inhabitants of the dry inland parts of Australia and grow as annuals and perennials. The leaves and stems are covered with soft hairs and the small fluffy flowers grow in dense spikes in colours of white, cream, green and pink to purple.
yc. Natures Designsyc. Natures Designs
yd. Natures Designs - Orangeyd. Natures Designs - Orange
z. Australian Native Grevilleaz. Australian Native GrevilleaAustralian Native Grevillea.Known as “The Spider Flowers” they are amongst Australia’s most attractive group of plants.
za. Gum Blossomza. Gum BlossomRed Flowering Gum. The Australian landscape is characterized by many different kinds of Gum Trees (Eucalyptus). They grow from forest giants to low straggling shrubs. The flowering red gum grows to 7 metres.
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