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 The Sydney Opera House & the Sydney Festival of Vivid Light, Music and Ideas.
Early in June I photographed the Sydney Opera House, lit up for the Sydney Festival of Vivid Light, Music and Ideas. It was a cold miserable night and even my position on the top deck of Circular Quay’s overseas terminal failed to offer any relief from the bitter gusty winds.

Along with my trusty Nikon 7000D I spent several hours photographing the wonderful sequences of images and modern designs, full of movement and colour, that were being projected on to Sydney’s great masterpiece, our Sydney Opera House.

Trying to thaw out on the way home my mind slipped back to the very beginnings of these projections in colours and shapes on those wonderful sails. This was when I began photographing all the nights of testing leading up to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Since then I must have taken thousands of photographs, in every shape, colour and design that have adorned our world renowned icon, and it still draws me back to continue to photograph each new event and projection, and I hope it will for years to come.

I’m hoping some images from the above will find their way to my websites in the near future.

My photo gallery can be found at:

Maureen Short

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