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Flowers Theme Calendar-Front & Back Covers


Birds Theme Calendar-Front & Back Covers


Flowers Theme-6 Inside Pages


Birds Theme- 6 Inside Pages

 Proudly 100% produced, designed and made in Australia 

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How Does a Perpetual Birthday Calendar Work?

Unlike other calendars the Perpetual Birthday Calendar is not for a specific year. Just enter the birthdays, anniversaries and other special days on the date they occur. When the end of December comes just turn the page and there are all the previously entered dates you need in January for the start of another year. Then reuse the perpetual birthday calendar year after year.

Features of Our Perpetual Birthday Calendars

·      Astonish  friends and family by remembering their birthdays and other recurring important events.

·      Keep track of special dates & recurring events of pretty much everyone important to you.
·      A wonderful gift for family and friends.
·      You just need to fill in the dates and there they stay, year after year.
·      Features two months per page for easy forward planning.
·      Printed on heavy stock with spiral binding and a hanging hook.
·      Measures 140mm x 340mm (51/2” x 13”) and is protection sealed.
·      Easy online p
ayment with your Visa / Mastercard credit card or PayPal.

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Birthday Calendar - Birds & Flowers Themes (SKU: BC3) 1xBirds theme  & 1xFlowers theme.

Birthday Calendar - Flowers Theme (SKU: BC2)
   Perpetual Birthday Calendar
Flowers Theme 
Birthday Calendars - 2 Flowers Theme (SKU: BC12)                  
           2 x Flowers Theme
    Perpetual Birthday Calendars
Birthday Calendars - 2 Birds Theme (SKU: BC11)                  
               2 x Birds Theme 
       perpetual birthday calendars
Birthday Calendar - Birds Theme (SKU: BC1)        Perpetual Birthday Calendar 
                Birds Theme


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