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Saint Ignatius' College, Riverview
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Handmade Greeting Cards featuring unique photo images of Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview as it is today, (photographed by Maureen Short), and historic photo images, (selected from the Riverview Archives), dating back to 1880. 

Saint Ignatius College, Riverview

a. College Crest (SKU: m181)a. College Crest (SKU: m181)
b. Aerial View (SKU: m123)b. Aerial View (SKU: m123)
c. Football Fan (SKU: m124)c. Football Fan (SKU: m124)
d. Rose Garden (SKU: M117)d. Rose Garden (SKU: M117)
e. Front View (SKU: M121)e. Front View (SKU: M121)
f. Main Building (SKU: M122)f. Main Building (SKU: M122)
g. The Rotanda (SKU: M125)g. The Rotanda (SKU: M125)
i. School Uniforms 1937 (SKU: M208)i. School Uniforms 1937 (SKU: M208)
j. Riverview Cottage 1880 (SKU: M209)j. Riverview Cottage 1880 (SKU: M209)
k. Riverview Cottage 1880 (SKU: M211)k. Riverview Cottage 1880 (SKU: M211)
l. St. Michaels 1882 (SKU: M212)l. St. Michaels 1882 (SKU: M212)
m. Cricket Team 1887 (SKU: M213)m. Cricket Team 1887 (SKU: M213)
n. Rugby Team 1907 (SKU: M214)n. Rugby Team 1907 (SKU: M214)
o. Cadets 1887 (SKU: M215)o. Cadets 1887 (SKU: M215)
p. Wharf Road 1905 (SKU: M216)p. Wharf Road 1905 (SKU: M216)
q. Memorial Hall 1916 (SKU: M217)q. Memorial Hall 1916 (SKU: M217)
r. Rowing Club 1882 (SKU: M218)r. Rowing Club 1882 (SKU: M218)
s. Australian Rules Team 1889 (SKU: M219)s. Australian Rules Team 1889 (SKU: M219)
t. Memorial Hall 1930 (SKU: M220)t. Memorial Hall 1930 (SKU: M220)

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