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Perpetual Birthday Calendars

Perpetual Calendars - Special Offer - Flowers Theme (SKU: PC05)
Buy 3 x Flowers theme birthday calendars. Retail price $44.55. Online price just $33.40
Birthday Calendar - Birds & Flowers Themes (SKU: BC3) 1xBirds theme  & 1xFlowers theme.

Perpetual Birthday Calendar

This Easy to Use Inexpensive Printed Version of a Perpetual Birthday Calendar is to Remember Birthdays & Important Dates.
The easy to use, and quite inexpensive printed Perpetual Birthday Calendar costing $11.75, is used to help remember approaching important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and  special event

How Does a Perpetual Birthday Calendar Work?
Unlike yearly calendars, the perpetual birthday calendar is not for a specific year. Just use the perpetual birthday calendar to note the birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates on the date they occur, and then reuse the same calendar every year. At the end of the calendar year, turn the pages to January and the calendar can be re-used again and perpetually for years to come. All the twelve months have been pre-recorded from the previous twelve months.

Perpetual birthday calendars’ useful benefits are gradually being recognised and they are now finding their way around the world as birthday calendars, everlasting calendars, never ending calendars and forget-me-not calendars. They are being used to remember all sorts of special dates and events like wedding anniversaries, starting that new job, buying a new house, business follow ups, years of association with colleagues and business associates, appointment books, personal organizers, wall calendars and birthdays.

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