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Birthday Calendars
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Birthday Calendars

Birthday Calendars are also known as:

Perpetual Calendars
Birthday Reminders
Everlasting Calendars
Never Ending Calendars
Forget-Me-Not Calendars

Until recently these types of calendars were to be found in most Dutch homes. However, until recently, this type of calendar was practically unknown in other countries. Residents in these countries had no other means to remember important personal and family dates like birthdays, anniversaries and special events other than copying them into their diaries, year after year.

Using a Birthday Calendar will help to remember all important dates and events that are not to be forgotten. Once a date is entered onto the calendar it remains there to remind the user of the event, year after year. Meaning these dates will never have to be copied to a new calendar each and every year.

Not just limited to birthdays but all kinds of special dates and events like:

o Wedding Anniversaries
o Engagements
o Starting a new job
o Buying a house
o Years of association

Hang the Calendar in a place where it will be seen often. A good place is the kitchen or near the telephone. And believe it or not, the most common place these calendars are found in a Dutch home is the bathroom!

Birthday Calendars are finding their way around the world. This new product has appeal to everyone. It's nice to have, great to give and easy to take along. An everlasting gift for friends or to keep for yourself, it is meant to permanently preserve all precious dates. The reusable calendar that ensures birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates will not be forgotten. It helps to keep track of birthdays of pretty much everyone who is important to a person. And it will astonish friends and family by remembering birthdays, year after year. All it takes is to fill in the dates and there they stay, year after year.

A perpetual calendar for the perpetually absent minded.

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