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Looking for high quality Birthday Calendars, Handmade Greeting Cards, Photo Enlargements, Landscape Photography, Conference Invitations & Customised Greeting Cards using photo images, exclusive to The Short Collection, of Australian icons, flora and fauna.

           All our products are 100% made in Australia     

What We Do

Handmade Greeting Cards
    Handmade Greeting Cards           
 Handmade Greeting Cards
If you are looking for a way to say something very special to a friend or family member then handmade greeting cards are a great way to do this.

Photo Enlargements
Perpetual Birthday Calendars
       Birthday Calendars
The birthday calendar to remind you of Birthdays, Anniversaries and Special Dates.

Landscape Photography
 Photo Enlargements
Fabulous Photos of Australia to Brighten Up Your Home or Business.

Conference Invitations
 Landscape Photography
Landscape Photography of stunning Australian Landmarks.

Customised Greeting Cards
 Conference Invitations
Personalise invitations to your conferences, awards, functions, seminars and special event
  Customised Greeting Cards     Conference invitations created to your specifications using your business logo.

What Our Customers Say

·Dear Lew
Many many thanks for the order which I received very promptly. I am delighted with all the cards and Birthday Calendar and also appreciate the extra handmade greeting cards you included.
I have found that friends far & wide love to receive these cards although it is sometimes hard to part with some of my very favorite hand made ones!
 Best wishes to you & your wonderful business
 Merle, from Sydney
4 April 2016

 Dear Lewis, The birthday calendar arrived this week. It is beautiful and I like it a lot.  Best regards, Mirjam, Germany.

Thank you, the birthday calendar is for my sister's birthday, Catherine, Sydney

·Thanks so much for the birthday calendars - they are truly lovely and I've filled in all the birthdays, etc.  I did appreciate the handmade greeting cards as well and I may order in the future. Cheers, Jill
·Thank you very much for the beautiful Birthday Calendar. It is a gift for my brother, so hopefully he'll never forget MY birthday!! It was very kind of you to include a lovely handmade greeting card of our Native Grevillea -thank you! Kind regards, Elizabeth.
·      Thank you very much for the birthday calendar- It's for my mother-in-law - I'm sure she will get great value out of it.  I bought one years ago from the Metropolitan Art Museum (New York) and she has been eyeing it off for some time.  I just couldn't find a nice one in Australia - until I found yours on the internet! Cheers, Priya, from Melbourne.
·      Hi Maureen and Lew
Thank you for the beautiful birthday calendars, which came   today also for the really lovely handmade greet cards...that was a nice surprise. Cheers, Robina, South Australia.
·      Thanks for the quick reply. The birthday calendars look great and I'd prefer to use these than one on the computer. One for me, rest as gifts. Cheryl, South Australia.
·      You are welcome. I have wanted one of these birthday calendars for years. Good photos, well done!
·      I have been trying to find this type of birthday calendar in local news agencies with absolutely NO success and yours look rather nice. Cheers Jill.
·      Hi Lew, Thanks for the birthday calendar, it'll be a great mother's day gift. Cheers, Alister, Tasmania.
·      Dear Maureen, Thks for email.  I have been looking for an everlasting birthday calendar for about 2 years now but didn’t know what they were called.  I had made a few in the past but couldn’t get them bigger than A4 and the wiring wasn’t that great so I was wrapped to find your site. Look forward to receiving them. Regards, Joanne
·      Hello Maureen & Lew,
I wanted to let you know that I have received the beautiful handmade greeting cards and the added gifts as well. Thank you so much for the nine extra handmade greeting cards and the perpetual birthday calendar. You were very generous with the free gifts and it's very much appreciated.
The handmade greeting cards are lovely. I am an American married to an Aussie and living in Australia for eight and a half years now. I have friends and family in American, of course. I love sending them greeting cards that are 'Aussie themed' and they love receiving them as well. So, I was very happy to have found your website.
Just prior to finding your website, I ordered cards from ????????? website. I got a receipt for the three boxes of cards that I ordered and nothing since.
I tell you the above because I ordered your handmade greeting the cards from you on the same day and I have them already. Your communication is excellent and the prompt delivery commendable. In my opinion, it shouldn't take over three working days to fill and order for three boxed sets of cards. Essentially that is only three items they need to pick, pack and send. You have put them to shame.  Thank you for doing an excellent job! Cheers, Linda from Sydney.

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I received the birthday calendar today! How beautiful pictures! Also thanks very, very much for the pretty greeting card you sent me. That was a lovely surprise! I must order some more of them soon! Wish you a lovely day! Kind regards, Vigdis.



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